10 Answers A Creationist Doesn’t Want To Hear

[Originally posted on martinjclemens.com on February 18, 2011]

051111_darwin_portrait_02This afternoon I stumbled upon yet another poorly written creationist diatribe, touting a singular ability to refute the brilliant scientific minds of the last three centuries of enlightenment.  Every time I read one of these idiotic monologues, it strikes me that the author has less knowledge of the subject for which they treat than an infant does calculus.

Anyway, this particular piece issued a challenge, it requested that “evolutionists” review the 10 questions he or she had posted in the body of the article, which are supposed to be definitive proof that “evolution is stupid”.  And since I’m a huge supporter of remedial science for the illiterate, I thought I’d give it a go.  The questions are listed above my answers in order as they appear on Breaking The Presidium[1].

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My Response to Sharon Hill’s Call for Help

Sharon HillThe following is a response to Sharon Hill, noted Skeptic and voice of reason in the community of paranormal research, Forteana, and fringe science.  She is my friend, and my colleague, and she has asked for any and all opinions regarding the future of organised Skepticism.

It’s been said of atheists that organising them is like herding cats.  I’m hesitant to conflate atheism with skepticism – as many others have done – but it can’t be denied that there are certain personality traits the two groups share.  Independent thought, reason, a penchant for evidence and the scientific method, etcetera.

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