The Hypocrisy of the Modern World

templeton-turing-mathWe have a lot of conveniences in our world today.  A lot of technology that we all seem to take for granted.  I suppose that’s to be expected, after all it’s difficult to be mindful of the countless systems and devices that keep our lives moving, fed, entertained, and healthy.  There are some things though that shouldn’t be forgotten, especially for the sake of the struggles certain people and groups are enduring at the hands and voices of an oppressive majority.

This past week, while the Indiana legislature reconsidered their terribly discriminatory Religious Freedom Act, a small pizza shop in Indiana got a lot of unwanted attention when the owner declared, publicly, that her establishment would not be serving members of the LGBT community.  This of course sparked heated online debate about the rights of people to be who they want to be, and the rights of business owners to do the same.

It’s really funny to me though, in an ironic way, the cherry picking that goes on in these debates.  Not only in the way the religious use certain parts of the bible to inform their argument, and as the authority for their bigotry, while ignoring other parts that just don’t matter to them personally.  But also in the way that they’re perfectly willing to overlook the influence of the thing they’re against on the technology they use, and even the services they offer.

The owner of that pizza shop used social media as her platform for spewing the hate that she and her kind harbour.  She uses any number of modern electronic conveniences to discriminate against others – cell phones, computers, the internet, social media, etc, etc – while apparently being blissfully unaware that those conveniences wouldn’t even exist but for people who were just like those she hates.

Here’s what I propose.  I say let Indiana have their horrible religious freedom laws, but let’s also deprive them of any modern convenience that has ever, in any way, been contributed to or affected by any person who would be discriminated against by that law.  No more cell phones, no more Facebook, no more TV, no more anything related to computers in any way, because if they had things the way they want them, the men and women who invented, adapted, or developed those technologies wouldn’t have existed in the first place, and thus neither would the technology.

So, let them have their cake and eat it too…in the dark, alone, with their bible.


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