Money Can’t Buy Happiness?

russell“Wealth can often purchase not only the semblance of love but its reality. This is unjust and undesirable but nonetheless a fact.” –Bertrand Russell, Love and Money (14 December 1952), pp. 141–142


Americans overwhelmingly support labelling foods that contain—wait for it—DNA!

Why Evolution Is True

On Saturday the Washington Post has reported the results of a survey by the Oklahoma State University survey on how Americans feel about government regulation of food and drugs (pdf of original survey here.)

You can see the saddest result in the third bar from the bottom: 80.44% of American think that there should be mandatory labelling of foods containing DNA. You know, of course, what that would cause. The purchase of food and vegetables would drop precipitiously, as would meat, and we’d be left buying sugar and flour (or does flour have any DNA in it?). The data:

Picture 1

Here are my feelings on the above, which show that for nearly all of these questions I disagree with most of my fellow countrymen:

  • Tax on sugared sodas?: I disagree, for this would lead to a tax on anything considered “not good for you.” What’s next: a tax on red…

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