We need to talk about Sony and the media

Summed up perfectly…

The View From Sari's World

We haven’t talked politics or current events in awhile, but with all of the media hysteria over Sony’s decision to pull The Interview, I thought now is a good time to jump back in.

First, let me be perfectly clear. None of the employees or stars deserved to have their private material hacked. In no way do I condone, what the media is calling an act of cyber terrorism. But I would be remiss if I did not address two issues brought about by the American media and heads of Sony that contributed to this act. You may not agree with me, but we need to be open to the ideas I’m about to bring up.

As I sit here writing this piece, the American media is decrying both the hackers and Sony’s decision to pull the movie. The media is now outraged by the cyber attack. The American…

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