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Dear faithful readers,

As you know, I usually write about science for the popular public, but I also write about autism from the perspective of a father.

Recently, I was thinking about the worry that all of us parents of kids in the autism spectrum feel about their future, and somehow I expressed my feelings in a short science fiction story with an autism theme, that I think many of us can identify with. I self-published it in Kindle format. I have two versions, English and Spanish, and I would like to spread the word. Would you check the link below out and share it to all interested in any way you’d like (social media, etc.)? Drop me a line if you want more details! (orpagan@yahoo.com). You can also access the link here.





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Hourglass_dyingSo here I sit, yet another day spent alone and empty.  The days are blending; have I been here three years or four?  How long has my life been so pitiful?

A few glimmers of hope, like twinkling stars in the night sky, have been lost to the blackness of a dream that never ends.

Don’t offer me your false tidings; your surrogate ambition; the projected idea that I owe this world, that I owe you something more than existence.  I am not here to be your carved marble idol.  I am here to be.  And I will live and leave on my terms.

If there were a presence, a warmth beside me in this cold room, I would cherish it for the sympathy it offers, but its efforts would be wasted.