“Just one lone crazy guy…”

I couldn’t hope to have made a more effective and clear argument than this…


It was with a sinking feeling that I saw the first few “just a crazy guy” articles start to appear after the shooting in Aurora this weekend. In the media’s ever present need to categorize tragedies like this (as well as most other people that I’ve seen talk about it), it seems they’ve grafted the faux-binary way that everything else in society is split (GOP/dem, rich/poor, legal/illegal, normal/abnormal etc) onto this situation as well: absent a political motive, he’s “just a lone crazy”.

Well guess what: the “one lone crazy guy” rhetoric is offensive as shit to people who suffer from mental illness, not to mention complete and utter bullshit. How about “a guy who fell through the canyon sized cracks that exist when we stigmatize anyone with mental health issues as a culture”?

It’s not just “one lone crazy guy” who killed those people, it’s a culture that STILL…

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