“Psychology mus…

“Psychology must not be used to infuse propaganda into capitalist entertainment content.” – Sigmund Freud

Seems like no one listened to him.


“The world of t…

“The world of the rich likes and wishes to believe that someone, somewhere is doing something for the Third World. For this reason, it does not inquire too closely into the motives and practices of anyone who fulfills, however vicariously, this mandate.” – Christopher Hitchens, The Missionary Position


Religion is an insidious thing.  It is harmful in so many ways.  It promotes wish-thinking and superstition, it retards scientific progress and in turn it holds back the potential of our society at large.  It is oppressive to minorities and it suppresses unorthodox thinking, while at the same time placing an exaggerated value on suffering and on resisting our true nature.

But greater than any of that, the institution of religion has done most of it’s harm by way of systematic and often violent oppression of women.  When you discount the value of half of your population, as religion does universally, you effectively cut the legs off of any chance your civilization has of rising beyond mere subsistence.

Atheism+ WTF?

I really don’t get Atheism+.  I mean, what does my non-belief in God have to do with any of those other issues?

The statement “I am an atheist” is not a political assertion.  It denotes only one thing: I don’t believe in God(s).  In fact, it says nothing about how or why I came to that position at all. I could well deny God because my Cheerios told me to, and I’d still be an atheist.

Just because some atheists, or many even, champion reason and skepticism, doesn’t mean there is an explicit connection between them.