How to Sit in a Chair

An excerpt from a book I almost wrote…

Magnussen-Edge-Wood-Desk-Chair-Chair_0_0How To Sit In A Chair – Depending on your perspective, this may be a simple proposition, it may be so ridiculously simple an idea that not only have you never thought of it, you now consider it to be the simplest thing there could be. You may be so advanced in kinesiology, physics, psychology and micro-biology that the concept is at once painfully simple yet infinitely complex. You may even be cursing my name for having brought it up in the first place.

But, since I exist safely out of arms reach, for the moment, I’ll endeavour to look a little deeper, to divine some hidden meaning from so simple an action. I know not where we are travelling, but the journey shall reveal our true selves.

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The PI Chronicles: Exploring the PI’s Tool Bag

Wigs, miniaturized handguns, microfilm, and of course radio frequency sub-dermal transponder implants for second-by-second location referencing, accurate to within three microns. We all know that the essential kit for practising spy-craft includes the tiniest, coolest, most advanced technological wonders ever conceived, though James Bond didn’t do much real spy work.

There are a few things every professional stalker needs to keep in his tool box, but most can be picked up at your local mall; and for the most part, you won’t catch me wearing a wig. Contrary to Hollywood’s version of the debonair secret-agent-man, the real world P.I. uses some pretty cool stuff along side some very common-sense paraphernalia. Continue reading